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“Sister Sensi” Robbed in Mobay, Says More Police Presence Needed


Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – Veteran Cabaret singer Sister Sensi was the victim of a robbery in Montego Bay on Wednesday evening, February 8.

Sensi who has come to Jamaica since 1974, performed as the “Snake Lady” at the Banana Boat Club in the early 1970’s and 80’s.

According to the American born, she was outside the Montego Bay Transport Centre, just about to hire a taxi to take her home on a rainy evening, when a thug appeared out of nowhere and tried to force his way into the taxi with her, as she attempted to close the door. But, before she could close the door the intruder grabbed her gold bangles from her wrist and ran off in the vicinity of Harbour Street.

At the time, Sensi said  there was no police around.

She is calling on the St. James police authorities to place more plain clothes police in the town, to apprehend these culprits, who pray on commuters, sometimes robbing phones, bags and other gadgets.

The “Snake Lady ” revealed to Mckoy’s News, this is the third robbery she faced during her visits in Jamaica. Thieves snatched two of her gold chains from her on one occasion; on the other occasion she use an Ice Pick to inflict several wounds to a boy trying to grab her bag on Barnett Street, Montego Bay.

Sensi said with all these encounters over the years, she still loves Montego Bay, and these encounters wont deter her from migrating.

“I will stay here until death, I loved Jamaica so much, said Sister Sensi.

She is now in the process of releasing her latest single name Let Her Try featuring  veteran Dancehall artist Cutty Ranks.

News and Photo Credit: Allan Lewin, Reporter

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