Sister Husband Paying Me For Oral Pleasures

Dear Mckoy: Sister Husband Paying Me For Oral Pleasures-  I am from the countryside where the levity is very poor, but presently I’m living with my sister and her husband in Kingston.

Since I came to live with them my sister’s husband has been looking at me in some very personal ways.
As time passes he started asking me personal questions if I am Virgin and if I have a boyfriend etc.

I never told my sister he was questioning me because I didn’t want to make because of me coming to live the problem started in there home. And the life back in the country is something I definitely did not want to go back in.
So I kept quiet.

Then sometime after while my sister was at work and I was there at the house cleaning, he approaches me again, only this time he gave me $10,000 and said he doesn’t want to penetrate me he only wants me to give him oral pleasure.
I gave it to him and it kept on becoming a regular thing.

Now I’m catching my consciousness and realize I’m doing wrong I told him no more. It has to stop. He threatens to tell my sister I have been stealing her money. Which is the money he has been giving me for his oral pleasure?
I don’t know what to do because my sister seems to believe anything he tells her. And I don’t want to go back to the country. I’ll be 19 years old in a few days.
I am not sure what to do.

Kam.  Country.

Dear Kam; Your story is quite an interesting one.
Let me briefly say, from the first approach of your sister’s husband you should have told her. Because now that you have willfully partaken in oral activities with her husband it’s now going to be the exact trouble you were running from by keeping quiet about it.

I suggest you tell your sister and be prepared to go back to the country or you go back to the country and remain quiet.  But this is definitely a decision you personally have to make.

Good Luck.

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