Silva Wong Want a Buss in Music 

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Silva Wong Want a Buss in Music: Many people may see DJ Silva Wong doing a little hustling with his handcart in the Charles Gordon market area of Montego Bay, not knowing that he is a very humourous DJ. Many persons call him the ‘Gally Gally’, man due to one of his songs.

Born in Annotto Bay St Mary, Silva Wong said he has been in Montego Bay from his eyes were at his Knees. He also said that he never got the recognition and help he needed for him to get the big break in the music business. He constantly complains that he is overlooked by many promoters in the second city, who always go for the gun toting DJs lyrics over his more cultural and comical style of entertainment. “I will do what I have to do to stay alive, by pushing my handcart,” said a frustrated Silva Wong.

Silva Wong at North Lane in St James

Whenever Silva is going to a stage show, he is well clad in his classical outfit like that of an outlaw from a Wild West movie. He said this has drawn a little attention to him, and sometimes give him some form of confidence. Over the years he has appeared on Ninja Man’s birthnight Bash, and at Cambridge Fest. He has singled out Capleton and Luciano as his two top artistes and he now lives in the Pitfour Community of St James.

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