Sicko David Lee jailed for performing sex act over baby seagull in drunken fit

A British man who performed a sex act over a baby seagull while watching animal porn in a dark alley in the middle of the night was sentenced to prison Wednesday.

David Lee, 40, was slapped with a 24-week sentence and a 10-year ban from owning any animals for carrying out the prevented act, according to Metro.

The barbarian pleaded guilty in April to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after CCTV footage captured him executing the wicked act in August 2022.

Lee was caught on video chasing down the infant seagull around 1 a.m. in Sunderland — a port city roughly 85 miles north of Leeds — before snatching the defenseless bird and carrying it into an alley.

The Brit was then seen pulling his phone out of his pocket before taking off his pants and kneeling over the bird.

“He then goes down — it’s very clear he is masturbating at the time. He then goes on to move the gull to between his legs,” prosecutor Lesley Burgess said in South Tyneside Magistrates Court Tuesday.

“For a time the defendant is engaging in a sexual act with the baby seagull. The defendant then stands back up.”

After completing his demented crime, Lee gave the defiled seagull a “little kick” before walking off.

David Lee arrives at court.
David Lee pleaded guilty to raping a seagull while watching animal porn.
PA Images via Getty Images

Lee initially tried to claim the bird was injured and he had pulled out his phone to look for a local veterinarian’s information.

Police quickly debunked Lee’s lie after pulling up his search history and finding “animal porn” — leading him to fess up to the crime.

A Royal Society for the Protection of Birds expert confirmed the act caused unnecessary suffering for the seagull.

A herring gull watches people sat beside the sea as they enjoy the warm weather on the beach in Lyme Regis.
Lee had chased down the bird before taking it into an alley, where he defiled the defenseless animal.
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The pervert’s lawyers admitted that the crime was “clearly an unusual offense,” but argued Lee was too drunk to understand what he was doing.

“He accepts that he must have done this action but does not have a good recollection of it and can’t explain why it happened,” defense attorney Annalise Moscardini said, according to the Sunderland Echo.

“There’s a part of time he doesn’t recall. He doesn’t remember a part of time due to drink. There’s certainly heavy alcohol use. There is not any attempt to cause it any harm.”

Lee points at the camera.
Lee’s lawyers claimed he suffered from mental illness and was too drunk to remember carrying out the sick crime.
PA Images via Getty Images

Lee — who also suffers from a personality disorder, a detachment from reality and pathological lying — has a history of run-ins with cops, including two charges for possession of a bladed article.

After hearing a victim impact statement from the woman who reported the disturbing footage to police — who said she is “haunted” after witnessing Lee’s acts — the court ruled in favor of jail time.

“We find this offense is a deliberate attempt to cause suffering and a high level of suffering was caused to the young bird,” Chair of the Bench Angela Thompson said.

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