Shoppers Urged To Always Request Receipts

Shoppers Urged To Always Request Receipts

he Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is reminding shoppers to ensure that they get their receipts when making purchases this yuletide season.

Speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank, Director of Communications, CAC, Latoya Halstead said that consumers are to be vigilant about getting their receipts as this is the time of year when many vendors will be travelling from place to place.

“We encourage you, no matter where you purchase your item that you get a receipt. The receipt must state the name of the place, it must have a contact number and an address,” said Ms. Halstead.

She noted that when a consumer purchases an item without getting a receipt, it makes it very difficult for the CAC to assist in getting redress.

“If the provider is not giving you a receipt, walk with your own receipt book. If they’re not giving you the receipt, walk away from it because it’s saying customer service after that transaction is going to be non-existent,” Ms. Halstead added.

Ms. Halstead also informed that if a consumer goes into an establishment and sees the ‘No Refund, No Exchange’ sign’ on display, it is important for them to know that the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) “trumps that sign, no matter what the provider is saying”.

She indicated that provisions are made in the Act to assist consumers should they encounter challenges with an item that have been purchased.

“The CPA will assist in terms of either getting that item repaired, exchanged or you get back your money,” Ms. Halstead said.






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