Shop Keeper Murdered in Flankers, St James

Investigators in St James have launched a probe into the shooting death of a shop keeper and the injuring of another man in Flankers, St James on Sunday.

The victim has been identified as 27-year-old Christopher Mowatt, otherwise called ‘Chris’ a shop keeper of Church Hill in Flankers, St James.

Reports by the Coral Gardens police are that about 7:40pm, on Sunday, Mowatt was among a group of persons at a shop along Church Hill Avenue, when they were pounced upon by a lone gunman.

The man opened fire hitting Mowatt and another man before escaping in a waiting motor car.

The police were summoned and upon arrival, Mowatt and the other man who were discovered suffering from multiple gunshot wounds were rushed to hospital, where Mowatt was pronounced dead, and the other man treated and admitted in serious condition.

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