Shocking Open Letter from Gay Police Before Murder/Suicide at St Mary Police Station

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I just want the world to know how heart broken i am and why i can not go on, ive been in my first real gay relationship with Ramone for almost 3 years and for some reason he just doesnt want to be with me anymore, this is someone who sent me a heart felt message on my birthday a few weeks ago and we had amazing sex and a great time together so this sudden change is  just so heart breaking
R’amone Brown smh we’ve been together for almost 3 years
They’ve been filled with alot of ups and down

I stood by you when you were at your worst
Back in 2016 When you claimed you didn’t have food to eat because your grandmother wasn’t feeding you i made sure you ate, i would send you money and food on ochi taxis, as awkward as it felt i just wanted to make sure you were ok, i would buy you grocerys as much as possible because i couldn’t stand to know that you were hungry
When you first message me I didn’t know how to react to it, you were already in a relationship with Neville lisa and i was involve with alot of girls

You said you liked me and wanted a relationship, i didn’t know how to feel about that but as open minded as I am i gave it a try
Turned out i liked it

I remember the first time we met and had sex at Casa Maria hotel, we were so inlove    the following morning i gave you some money to get a heart tattoo on you chest, you said you’d put your grandmother’s name inside a heart, found that really deep and beautiful, this was about june 2016
I wasn’t sure that i loved you yet, i probably was just infatuated and like the sex but as time past the feelings  i had for you started growing
We spend a few nights together at different hotels during the summer of 2016 and everything was going great until you had sex with that girl back in July of 2016  i was hurt but i got over it

I got you the highlife JA shirt you wanted so bad to do that photoshoot with them
That night after the shoot we went village hotel
It was the first time ive seen you since you had sex with that girl
I was so hurt beacsue we promise each other it would just be me and you now,  tried my best to move past it that night
Even during sex i was still so hurt, we got past that and things were good up until November of that same year when i had sex with my ex just to feel better about you cheating on me

After that you started becoming a bit distant,it seems you had met a girl called Amber I think, you said Caji surprised you by bringing her to St.mary
Idk if you were lying or not but obviously you had moved on

I had find someone aroud that time myself that was december 2016 but that wasn’t  working out  because I just wanted to be back with Ramone

Me and Ramone got back together in early January of 2017, he said I’d have to leave the guy i had met if we are going to really continue the relationship, it wasn’t that big of a deal to me because ive only knew this guy for 3 weeks, however the guy had money and i needed 150k to deal with something ,so i told Ramone I’d break up with te guy after i got the money  i think that decision lead to alot of karma for both me and Ramone, we both decided to used the guy, had threesomes with him just to get more money out of him, well i wanted money and Ramone really just wanted a new Iphone ….long story short,everything did not worked as planned for any of us in that situation because one nigth we were having sex and i became enraged in jealousy and wanted to kill the guy and the guy went back to new york hurt that i’d even do him so dirty smh
And that was the end of that

All of that took place througout most of 2017,a very rough year for me,  by the end of 2017 we planned to put all the other girls and guys that messed up our relationship aside and really try to work things out for us
,and we did as much as i wanted to reach out to the from new york( won’t mention his name) still becasue I was in a financial mess at that time
Anyways i had clear up my financial mess and decided to move forward with the relationship on a positive note
Even though i wasn’t getting my full pay i wanted to get you an iphone 6plus for your 2018 birthday and surprised you but it didn’t work out because i had a lot of things to clear up
Me and you were good throughout most of 2018
Weren’t struggling that much and i promised myslef that i would helped you out as much as i can to get on your feet in life because you stood by me at my worst
I really love you for that Ramone

A week before my last birthday i was so Happy to have been able to get you an Iphone 7 and i promised myself I’d just keep building you up and pushing myslef forward for a better life  and all of a sudden you just started blocking me on social medias and avoiding me   ,you stop answering my calls and texts    you just switch on me so suddenly Ramone 
Someone i ride so hard for, someone i was willing to do anything for
I became so confused and hurt
so bad that i even thought so hard about just putting a gun to my head to end the confusion and pain

It’s been days now and you haven’t been answering my calls
I did nothing to you
The only way i get you is when i call you on a number unknown to you

As soon as i gave you that phone you wanted nothing to do with me
You said its hard for you to be gay and live  in Galina because your friend dem a thugs
Nigga alot of my friends dem straight too and we’ve been doing this for almost 3 years so why you wanna leave so suddenly

Even on the night of my last birthday we had great sex;even a few nights after that  too but a few days ago everything just changed and it hurts yo to know that you don’t even care enough to tell me why

Mom, I love you so much,please don’t be sad  infact i want you and everyone else who cared bout me to be happy for me
I’ve been in pain for a long time, i became the happiest person alive when i decided i was truly going through with leaving this cold world…. Me and Ramone Brown have been living lives no one would expect none of us to be living
I mean girls love us,why would anyone expect it

But I’m tired of the mental torture
I was always able to control the pain until now, I’m so happy i am going to rest now

I never used to be someone to even think like this, i think Ramone’s mentality rubbed off on me, I remember back in the day he said he’d slit his throat in front of his grandmother and make her watch as he bled to death if she didn’t started treating him right, i always talked him out of that smh he even said he’d kill himself if i left

But now hes the one who left and I’m the one doing this

How ironic

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