Shifta Gives Too Short His First Caribbean Record With “Lil Freak” Single

Florida based dancehall artiste Shifta Mason has provided popular American rapper Too Short with his first Caribbean track, a dancehall collaboration released earlier this month.

The track, “Lil Freak,” is a song definitely dedicated to the ladies and is produced by Baby Wonder and Jah Messiah.

Too Short rose to prominence in the West Coast hip hop scene in the late 1980s, with lyrics mostly centred on sex, drug culture, and street survival, as evidenced by his most popular songs “Blow the Whistle” and “The Ghetto.”

He was overjoyed to collaborate with Shifta on this project because he is a huge fan of Jamaica and dancehall music.

“It was a well overdue scenario being that I have a lot of Caribbean friends, especially Jamaican, and love the food not to mention the beautiful women. I just love the culture overall and would definitely do more fusion tracks!” Too Short said.

Shifta also felt honoured to have the high caliber Hip Hop legend vibe on the “Lil Freak” song.

“He is a dope legendary artiste known for his hit songs so adding him to this song was a no brainer. Too Short is known for his own unique sound so he brings something different than a lot of these hip hop artistes. It was all good vibes in the studio creating this chune.” Shifta explained.

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