Shenseea Sorta Sounds Like Jada Kingdom In Her New Single, ‘Good Comfort’: Listen

Shenseea’s got the ‘good comfort’ and explains how in a hot new song that was released on her YouTube page. Brace yourself for 2 minutes of nonstop sexy lyrics delivered by some of the sweetest vocals ever heard from the ShengYeng princess.

The single comes with a teaming of herself and DJ Frass Records on a smooth melodic riddim with the Blessed artiste singing a dancehall submersed in R&B style track.

The tone is set right at the get-go, the action starts in the intro “mi bend ova mek yuh stab stab stab stab stab it up,” she then proceeds to divulge a few perks of her lady bits. From eyeballs rolling back, seeing the heavens to feeling wetter than the ocean, Shenseea says she’s got the good comfort to make her guy come right back for more.

Listen to the full version of Good Comfort below.

The single also demonstrates some refreshing vocals from Shenseea. While we’ve heard some soulful tunes from this songbird, none seem to hit the same musical notes as Good Comfort. The style of delivery is somewhat reminiscent of another dancehall singer she might hate being compared with, but the acoustics don’t lie, and they exude impressions of Jada Kingdom.

Upon listening to the track, many fans also agreed. Navar Blair said, “I love Shenseea, but this sounds like it was inspired by Jada Kingdom! I was a bit confused. Love the song tho. Guess I’ll call this one ShengKingdom.”

Another thought the song was a teaming with the two singers, Sherice Gordon, said, “A taught it was she a jada collab,” while sk josephs96 said, “cant help but hearing Jada Kingdom!!”

“Nah lie. It sound like Jada flow, her type a song,” said another Shen Yeng.

Another fan found them some hints of Stalk Ashley in Good Comfort too. “She song like Jada kindom and stalk Ashley. nah lie who else think so?”

Nonetheless, there is a long list of doting fans showing her love for the new release. Shenseea certainly knows how to drive her male admirers crazy, and her single status doesn’t make it any easier on them. Good Comfort premiered just over 20 hours ago and has scored more than 100k streams already with fans asking for more – listen here.


Source: Dancehallmag

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