Shenseea Shows Off New Look In Mother’s Day Post

Fans can always expect a new look every couple of weeks from their ShengYeng queen and she certainly never disappoints. Last night (May 10th) Shenseea stunned fans when she posted photos with a beyond platinum blond, multi-colored highlighted hairdo. The dancehall artiste credited both a London based hairstylist, Pricilla’s Hair and local salon owner Chev for her newest lace front.

The very daring pastel colored unicorn inspired hairstyle is quite a striking look for Shenseea, but everyone knows there’s nothing boring about this bombshell. She also matched up long ballerina shaped acrylic nails in jade-colored polish for the complete fairy-tale guise.

Interestingly, it appears someone else may have been responsible for this new look and it doesn’t seem as if Shenseea was too sure about the idea. While many fans lauded her cool locks, even wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day, one person in particular, her manager Romeich Major to be exact said, “See how the hair bad chroo me a tell u,” then proceeded to tag her resident disc jockey (@djblackboi_1) and producer (@slyda_di_wizard) and added, “loook yah dowg a the hair this from england enuh bro Gad lol.”

Romeich has evidently been instrumental in the forward path of her career, Shenseea being the superstar that she currently is, simply demonstrates Major’s brilliant executive and directorial skills. Who would have thought that he was so involved in the young deejay’s wardrobe and style as well? Apparently we can all thank Romeich for having the new frontal wig shipped from England during these fickle quarantine times.

She better take care of this one, the Trending Gyal singer has a ‘bad habit’ of playing around too much at the expense of her laces.

Already she can be seen working-out in her brand new hair in a funny video on Instagram last night.  The singer was doing some barbell squats while donning her unicorn wig. It appeared as if YouTube comedian Quite Perry was chiding her during the exercise, but it was actually a voiceover from one of his hilarious and previously recorded skits.

She seems to be on a fitness mission however, Perry’s bad mouthing or the fact that she’s wearing her new lace front wont stop her from getting in those reps.

New music video coming up perhaps???


Source: Dancehallmag

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