Shenseea Sets The Record Straight About Her Success In Dancehall

Dancehall songstress Shenseea had to defend her honor earlier today after she was apparently accused of sleeping with industry professionals to get ahead.

It’s not quite clear where the accusations came from but it seemed she felt the need to defend herself against any rumors swirling around.  “No artiste or producer ina Jamaica never yet sex me put dat pon my own life!!!!!!!” she declared on her Instagram Story yesterday.

“Don’t try size me up! Not even proof unu have can prove a theory cuz not even flirt me flirt wid unu bou ya!!! Nuhbody!!!!!! Ina da industry ya can say “me f*ck Shenseea”.

The Shenyeng army quickly responded to defend their leader and many fans chimed in their opinions about the accusations.

This fan said: “Talk outta u nice clean mouth yaa mi artiste. Dem feel like a everybody a loose gyal,” and this one added: “Oh sometimes you just need to ignore some things once you know it’s not true.”

Other fans tried to encourage her to stay positive and ignore the naysayers.

“TALK UP Cause some other gal invite every man inna dem Kingdom. Nuh wonder dem ever depressed,” said one fan, while another fan added: “I believe her! Unu love put man pin look good gal name.”

Many fans admitted that they were confused by the comment that she made and wondered what would have spurred her seemingly impromptu response. She recently buried the hatchet with her long time rival Jada Kingdom, at least on Instagram. The beef, which was originally caused by a miscommunication between Jada’s cousin and Shenseea, was squashed after almost two years and a few weeks after the death of Shenseea’s mother which led to Jada reaching out to send condolences to Shenseea.

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see where the accusations are coming from before we can understand why she felt the need to have to defend herself.


Source: JIS News

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