Shenseea Drops Hot New Visuals For ‘Good Comfort’: Watch

Shenseea the ShengYeng Queen is back on the scene with a brand new music video that’s just to die for. The dancehall singer launched the visuals today for her previously released single Good Comfort on her YouTube page, which has already racked up more than 130k views and counting.

Courtesy of Ruption from RD Studios, the creative plot finds Shenseea playing a sexy ward at a jailhouse guarding what looks to be a lone prisoner. He’s completely under her control as he bows under her authority. The temptress cop soon transforms into the ultimate dominatrix, geared in a tight leather ensemble with black ski mask and knee high boots complete with draping chains and handcuffs. Her plan is to free him, but before she does, there is some unfinished business she needs to take care of — see more below.

Now we know what the Trick’a Treat singer was cooking up when she posted photos on her Instagram page back in May, wearing a police academy getup. She’s seen donned in the same outfit and cop hat in the music video at what appears to be the same location.

The dancehall singer picked up some heat for the photos, which seemed insensitive at the time since they were posted during the onset of the protests and looting in the US caused by George Floyd’s killing.

That’s all forgiven now.  Her fans are completely drooling over the new display. Yaadman Etan on YouTube simply couldn’t contain himself he commented, “Shenseea stop play wid mi heart nuh  come lock mi up nuh .”

While others thought how lucky her prisoner was to have the ShegYeng Queen all over him in the video. Xoxo_ Dandan said, “These men damn near lucky to be doing this with Shenseea,” and Jonville Berry added, “Mi woulda stiff through the whole scene if mi was the prisoner no joke.” 

Good Comfort originally released last month on June 6 and is produced by DJ Frass and her label Romiech Entertainment. Check out the new visuals that dropped today below –


Source: Dancehallmag

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