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Shenseea Blasted For Promoting Unfaithfulness In ‘The Sidechick Song’

Shenseea Graces The Cover Of New York Summer Fashion Explosion Magazine

Shenseea Graces The Cover Of New York Summer Fashion Explosion Magazine


Dancehall sensation Shenseea definitely ruffled some feathers with the release of her single, The Sidechick Song, produced by Attomatic Records and Romeich Entertainment. Now over 2.2 million views on YouTube, the official music video is currently at the number two spot on the trending list, after holding the number one spot for approximately two weeks.

The song speaks about the romantic life of a sidechick as she enjoys the benefits of a man who does not belong to her. In the song the artiste sings, “Mek mi tell unuh a likkle story, mi ave a man weh ave a woman weh nuh know bout mi.” Shenseea plays the ‘other woman’ in the video which depicts the sidechick being intimate with the wife’s significant other.

Although many Shenyengz applauded the entertainer for releasing a song and video from the sidechick’s perspective, other listeners were beyond disappointed in Shenseea’s decision to record and release the track in the first place.

Shenseea has been known to sing about controversial topics and has encouraged the act of being a sidechick in a number of her songs such as Shenyeng Anthem and Nothing Dem Nuh Have Ova Mi. This isn’t the first time she has been called out for promoting unfaithfulness in relationships through her music either, however, it seems The Sidechick Song has finally done it for critics.

One social media user, by the name of Charmanique Hinds addressed the song’s message in a letter written in the Jamaican newspaper, The Gleaner, as well as, on Twitter. Hinds confronted the artiste, questioning her stance as a feminist when she is ”reinforcing the ideology of being a side chick.”


In response to the tweet, Shenseea said, ”WOMEN EMPOWERMENT does not consist of representing for some women and leaving the rest to dry!” The Shenyeng boss also stated, ”You may think being a wife is best, but how much do you value yourself to sit in a relationship with a constantly CHEATING husband who keeps secrets and lies. Are you better than a sidechick? Just asking #TheSideChickSong.”

Following Shenseea’s reply, some users were unimpressed by her take and perspective on the topic. One person commented, “Dis mek sense ? You empower women but encourage them being with another WOMANS man ?? ”.

Another stated, “Shenseea sound dunce eeh, she realizes she ain’t making any sense right.”

Amidst the backlash, there were some comments that stood by Shenseea’s explanation and found it ridiculous that others would be placing so much focus on dissecting the song’s lyrics, “I’m still trying to see where in the song she is encouraging females to be side-chicks? The song is simply highlighting “the other side”. Giving the side chick’s point of view… Like I just don’t get the unnecessary hate towards Shenseesa… everything she do, ppl jump dung har throat! She nyam unnu white fowl?? Smh”.

In all this, the Limited Edition singer seemed to be unmoved by the backlash, even tweeting “mission accomplished” after the debate.

The Sidechick Song is one of three releases the artiste said would have followed behind the other and so fans of the entertainer are now awaiting new music from Shenseea, who has been consistent since 2020 began.

She performed the single for the first time at a recent event in the Bahamas and based on this video posted on her official Instagram page, fans are already learning all the lyrics.


Source: Dancehallmag

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