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Shena Carty – Heroes Day Love Project


Heroes Day Love Project: Our 3rd annual Heroes day dinner proved to be great success. In our 3rd year, it was islandwide. We had a presence in all 14 parishes. We anticipated feeding 1,600 homeless, mentally ill and elderly people but ended up feeding 2033. This is monumental being that only 2 yrs ago we fed 47, then 943 and now 2033.

This project is turning out to be quite a social intervention project. We are meeting people that have different needs and in some cases we are trying to access help for them. The 2033 came from feeding people on the streets, feeding at infirmaries and homes of elderly people that cannot get out. We welcomed many new team members this year. Most exciting for us,  having teenagers be apart of this project. We had quite a few through different clubs including the police YOUTH clubs from different parishes.

While we raise funds for this abroad, it would never be possible without hard work and dedication from our teams of volunteers on the ground in Jamaica. The youths are excited because they’ve never done anything like this and would love to go out and do it again soon.

We would like to thank all the captain’s and their sponsors for making this project a success and we look forward to making it bigger and better next year. Our goal is not only to feed our people but to identify infirmaries that need help with structural and basic needs and try to facilitate them as best we can. Also, we hope to build homes to get some of our homeless people off the streets.

We have a substantial pledge, and we are in the process of raising funds as we speak. Maybe someone will be generous and donate property in an appropriate location for this project.

We welcome anyone that would like to help us make this bigger and better, as we know it takes TEAMWORK and HARD Work to make the dream work! Feel free to contact me at 518 812 3398 if you’d like to assist us in our future endeavours.

Our next project will be our 2nd annual islandwide march against violence on international women’s day on March 8th, 2018.


♥Shena Carty ♥

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