sex while driving, Easter Sunday Crash

Sex while driving not why Police Ramon Stephens crashed

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

St. Catherine, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – The Road Safety Unit is refuting the rumors that the deadly Easter Sunday crash on North Coast Highway 2000, on Sunday, April 16 was due to sex while driving.

Police constable Ramon Stephens and an unidentified female died as the car they were travelling in crashed off the highway, and ended in a ditch off the St. Catherine stretch of Highway 2000. Up to press time the female has still not been identified by police however, Mckoy’s News did receive unconfirmed reports that she was visiting Jamaica from Hartford, Connecticut and possibly has ties to Trinidad and Tobago.

In an update yesterday, April 19,  Mckoy’s News stated that it has been receiving queries surrounding that the pair was having sex in the car at the time of the crash. However, the Ministry of Transport says not so. Director of the unit in the Ministry of Transport, Kanute Hare said that based on the investigations of the crash scene and his years of being an investigator, he can state that the speculations of sex causing the crash are not correct.

In an interview with the Star he stated, “Persons have been calling me about it. There are some photographs even flying about the place but I beg not to believe that because my information is not telling me (that) and for somebody who understands how traffic accidents occur, I am not surprised the clothes were off.”

He went on to say that energy levels may have caused the clothes to be removed. “The intelligence I am picking up on the ground from the scene does not allow me to come to that conclusion any at all. Clothes normally tear off people when crashes occur, persons are knocked out of their shoes, persons are knocked out of their clothes,” he claimed.

Easter Sunday Crash

The occupants were trapped into the manged motorcar and had to be cut from the vehicle by the Spanish Town Fire Department.

Hare made a reminder to those without knowledge of the outcome of a motor vehicle crash: “Remember now the bodies are moving around in the motor vehicle and it would seem to be in this crash they were not wearing their seat belts. I was made to understand … persons who were there at the scene said they saw the gentleman in his pants. We hear the rumours but if you can’t come to me with hardcore evidence, I don’t even have the temerity of even mentioning that thing because I didn’t see it,” Hare stated.

Hare said he has never known anyone to have died in motor vehicle crash from having sex while driving. However, he made it known that sex while driving is not a good idea. “I hope that it doesn’t come to that. That can be very distracting. That is not a good idea. People should be focusing on driving,” he said.

In the meanwhile social media comments were disputing his finding stating it is a miracle that so much clothes were removed during the crash. Others say to let the deceased rest in peace and quit with the assumptions.

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