Sex “Facts that are totally wrong”

Sex “Facts that are totally wrong”

Fact or Fiction?

Masturbation messes with your vision.

Masturbation won’t affect your vision- and you definitely won’t go blind. But there are documented cases of men experiencing temporary blindness during sex.

It’s Fiction!

Source: New England Journal of Medicine. 


Fact or Fiction?

Shoe Size = Penis Size

Some say if you have an average size foot you have an average size penis. But one study found a link between finger length and penis size. Data says if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, you’re probably packing.

It’s Fiction!

Source: Time


Fact or Fiction?

Pumpkin pie pumps up your penis.

In one smell study, researchers found that sniffing a combination of pumpkin pie and lavender produced a 40% increase in blood flow to the penis.

It’s a fact!

Source: Smell & taste treatment research foundation.


Fact or Fiction?

Circumcision limits your sexual sensitivity.

A study of some 40,000 men found circumcision has no effect on sensitivity, arousal, sensation or satisfaction. Male circumcision also lowers the ricks of HIV and STI infection.

That’s fiction

Source: Daily Mail.


Fact or Fiction?

Socks help girls have orgasms.

A Dutch study found that a major “O” hurdle for women is cold feet. Wearing socks increased their odds of having an orgasm.

It’s a Fact!

Source: Best Health.


Fact or Fiction?

Condoms make sex less enjoyable.

If you disagree, you’re probably doing it wrong. One study found 68% of men bought the wrong size condom and when they switched, their pleasure increased dramatically.

That’s fiction.

Source: Men’s Health.


Fact or Fiction?

Only men get wet dreams

It’s not just men that get the joy of nocturnal emissions- one survey found 37% of women will have a “sleep orgasm” by the time they’re 45.

It’s Fiction!

Source: Daily Mail


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