Several Water Supply Projects Under Way

Jamaica News: As the Government continues to implement measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, Managing Director of Rural Water Supply Limited, Audley Thompson, says work is progressing on several water supply projects, which are scheduled to be completed by year end.

“In the Budget of 2019/2020, we got an increase of $795 million and it is being utilised to carry out 26 water supply projects islandwide. These projects will provide piped water to approximately 56,000 Jamaicans, and most of these projects are now at an advanced stage,” Mr Thompson told JIS News.

Completed projects include Ticky-Ticky, Manchester (population 500); Plum, St James (population 750), and Golden Hill, Rural St Andrew (population 1,000).

“Other projects will be completed by May and the rest during the latter part of the year. It is critical for us to complete these projects because they will provide piped water solutions to residents in their homes, giving them access to potable water which they can use for sanitisation and consumption,” Mr. Thompson said.

He also noted that the renovation of catchment tanks is another project being carried out by RWSL and various municipal corporations, to provide and improve water access in rural communities.

“Several of these have been completed and will benefit approximately 6,000 persons. Catchment tanks are normally in areas where it is not feasible to have piped water supply. These tanks have a storage capacity of 100,000 gallons and once filled, can serve a population of 300 persons over a month,” he informed.


Source: JIS News

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