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Several Bus Stops Along Constant Spring Road to be Restored

Constant Spring Road

Constant Spring Road


Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Audley Shaw, has given an undertaking to restore several bus stops that were shifted during upgrading works along a section of Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew.

The affected area covers the stretch between Manor Park and Phil’s Hardware.

“Before the road was fixed, there were either three or four bus stops. The road was then fixed and the bus stops were removed. And now, when the buses are stopping, they’re getting into trouble with the police. So, I’ve had to make the commitment that we need to put back the bus stops,” he said.

The Minister was speaking during a ceremony to handover three dialysis machines that were donated to the Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine by the Transport Authority, in partnership with the National Health Fund (NHF), on Wednesday (September 14).

Mr. Shaw said restoring the bus stops is necessary as public passenger vehicles coming from Stony Hill and surrounding communities with, among other persons, students who attend the schools in the vicinity, will need to stop to let them off.

“Sometimes we, in authority, make errors too, and we must be honest enough to admit to those errors,” the Minister said.

“It can’t be that the problems are always with our drivers and our conductors. Where the problems are the Government’s, we must do something about it, and I’m making that commitment,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shaw commended Transport Authority’s inspectors who have been assisting students to get to school, citing their gesture as exemplifying “the thoughtful and committed approach the Government of Jamaica takes in caring for its people.”


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