Seven People Arrested and Charged for Breaches of the Toll Road Act

Seven people have been arrested by the police following complaints from the Toll Authority of Jamaica that some motorists have been evading toll payment at the toll plazas, by tail-gating legitimate toll users going through the toll booth to avoid payment.

The Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) conducted several targeted operations in St. Catherine on Saturday, June 12 where the seven offenders were arrested and charged.


They have been identified as:

  1. Oswayne Johnson of Banbury district, Linstead in St. Catherine, who was arrested on fourteen counts of breaching the toll in May 2021.
  2. Aquean Campbell of Lemon Close, Lime Tree in St. Catherine, who was arrested on six counts for the breaching the toll.
  3. Zidane Barnes of Westmeade in St. Catherine, who was arrested on one count of breaching the toll.
  4. Jerome Brown who was charged with breaching the toll two times.
  5. Jermaine Livingston- charged with four counts of breaching the toll.
  6. Roger Johnson.
  7. David Lumen, was arrested and subsequently taken to court where he was fined $5000 or 10 days in prison for having breached the toll five times.


The men are scheduled to appear before the St. Catherine Parish Court on Tuesday, July 6.

Another twenty-five toll evaders have since visited the toll and paid over approximately $54000 to the Toll Authority after hearing about the operations.


Investigations are ongoing.

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