Sentenced Postponed For Man Who Made False Declaration On Passport Form

Latest Jamaica News, St James: Sentencing has been postponed for a 45-year-old man who was charged for making a false declaration for the purpose of procuring a new passport.

Appearing at the St. James Parish Court on Monday, July 22 is Richard Barton from Hague in Falmouth. He pleaded guilty to the charge on March 13 this year.

Court files revealed that on March 15, 2013, at the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) in Montego Bay, for the purpose of procuring a new passport, Barton made a false statement, that is to say he signed a written declaration that he was Oliver Paul Rowe, despite knowing same to be false.

In mitigation, Barton’s attorney Martyn Thomas on Monday requested a non-custodial sentence.

Presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small was not inclined to give him a custodial sentence but said she fails to understand why he took such action when he had no need to.

Subsequently, Barton was told that he would be fined $150,000 or six month, but he requested some time as he did not have the funds in his possession.

Wong-Small deferred sentencing until July 29 and bind over the accused man.

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