Senator Charles Jr. Urges Mico Administration to Work With Student Guild

Jamaica News: Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Senator the Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr., had charged The Mico University College administration and the newly installed students’ guild to work together in the interest of the institution.

“The strength of this guild will be based on the relationship that it has with the administration. Very often, there is a tug of war… . A successful guild year is when you find that judicious balance that allows you (guild) to have a good relationship with the administration,” he said.

He was speaking at the installation ceremony for the 2019/20 student guild at The Mico’s Marescaux Road location in Kingston on Thursday (October10).

Senator Charles Jr. told the 46-member guild that they have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that they make appropriate decisions “not just for yourselves but for the community [of students] you represent and the collective team that you are also a part of”.

“So ensure that you inform yourselves, ensure that you are making smart decisions, and [that] you know that the decisions you make are going to represent who you are,’ he noted.

He told the guild members that “you have an amazing opportunity to not only share of yourselves and give of your own sacrifice and service for your fellow students but to create bonds amongst yourselves that will be lifelong friendships”.

“But most importantly, you will learn from each other how to come together, bind together and overcome the things which you are going to confront,” Senator Charles Jr. added.

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The Minister underscored the importance of the Mico administration, led by President, Dr. Asburn Pinnock, in supporting the guild over the ensuing year.

“There are a lot of stresses and financial issues [facing students] and if the guild is going to be successful in addressing these, they are going to need a certain level of respect, confidence and support from the teachers and president,” he noted.

Senator Charles Jr. acknowledged that “there are going to be circumstances where mistakes are made by the guild representatives” but argued that “as long as you (administration) see that the decisions are reasonable, I ask you to support them”.

In delivering their charges, Dr. Pinnock and new guild President, Andrew Hinds gave their commitment to work together in The Mico’s best interest.


Source; JIS News

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