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CONFESSION: Seduced my Sister Boyfriend


Mckoy’s News CONFESSION: Seduced my Sister Boyfriend – I am living with my sister and her boyfriend whom I found myself started having intimate feelings from the very first time they brought me to live with them.  I was 16 at the time, I am now 19.

We first got intimate On my 18 birthday, while my sister was away for business and asked him to take me out for my birthday.  We went to a few places and it was all really fun.  I enjoyed every bit of it but wanted more.

At first, I made my passed at my sister’s boyfriend but quickly he exclaimed, are you crazy?  You’re like my little sister, moreover, your sister and I are together,  this isn’t right.
He was a little upset but I didn’t care and had my plans in the back of my head that I was going to get him in bed with me.

We then went to a sports bar where we had beers.  He’s a very lite drinker so he only had 2 while being the birthday girl I must have had about 8.
I was very tipsy so he took me home.

While we were home I tried going down on him but he rejected and said No.  I insisted but he kept saying no and went to his room.  I then got naked and went into his room. He was laying on his back in just his boxers so before he could jump up I climbed on top of him and began riding him,  he then had an arose and before you knew it we were already both gasping for breath.

Two days later we did it again until it became every night or every other night.  Until my sister then returned home and got a little suspicious and started questioning our closeness.  She started getting on my nerves so I decided that I was going to take him away from her.
We continued to be intimate every chance we got. Until sometime later I felt sick and she took me to the doctor, only to find out I’m pregnant. I was happy because now I knew he couldn’t leave me because he wouldn’t want my sister to find out we have been sleeping together the whole time.

He ask that I abort it and I told him no. He offered to rent me a place of my own if I abort it because he doesn’t want to hurt my sister anymore.  I refuse to abort my baby or to move out the house he’s in. I told him I want him for myself.  So he decided to tell my sister and ask for her forgiveness.  She then confronted me and started a fight which led to me having a miscarriage, after which she threw me out her house,  I am now sleeping from friends to friends as I have no solid family or friends I can stay with. I am not sorry for what I did but I do wish I had play cool until my baby was born.  She’s still with her boyfriend and turn her back on me.

Living MyLife  St James.

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