Security Guards Involved In Attack on Businessman during Shooting Incident in Kingston Taken Off Duty

Jamaica Crime News: The Management of Kings Alarm Security Company in Kingston have publicly indicated that the five security officers who were seen launching a physical attack on a businessman during a shooting incident, which occurred on the compound of an apartment building in Kingston on Monday, have been relieved of their duties.

In the release the management of Kings Alarm also made it quite clear that the plain cloths security that was shot and injured is not employed to the company and also that he has reached out to the businessman who was seen on the video being physically abused by the security officers.

Our news team has also learnt that the businessman has acquired the services of a legal team who are presently awaiting the result of the police investigation in a bid to proceed with their case.

The four video clips which went viral are showing a heated argument taking place on the inside of the apartment complex. This is followed by a female security guard who is employed to Kings Alarm brandishing her service weapon and she is then overheard threatening the life of the businessman.

The plain clothes security then attacked the businessman from behind, allegedly attempting to disarm him of his licensed firearm. At this point the businessman reached for his weapon and fired one shot hitting the alleged plain clothes security to his upper body.

What transpired next was very disturbing. The uniformed security guards held the businessman at gunpoint and forced him to drop his licensed firearm. They then handcuffed him while also stepping in his face, landing several kicks to his body and slaps to his face.



By: News Reporter

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