Security Forces on a Quest in Cambridge to Apprehend ‘Prekeh Boy’ Gang Members

Member of the security forces are now maintaining a strong presence in Cambridge, St James, and its surrounding community in an aim to apprehend several men who they say are linked to the Delano ‘Prekeh Boy’ Wilmot led, Retrieve Gang.

Wilmot, who was labeled as Jamaica’s most wanted, was shot and killed on Wednesday, July 22nd, after he engaged members of the security forces in a heated gunbattle, at a section of Amity community in the Cambridge Division, know as Goodwill.

The security forces carried out a number of raids at Mother Lane, Retrieve and other adjoining communities, in search of men believed to have been members of ‘Prekeh Boy’ gang.

It has still not yet been reported if any of the gang members who residents say have mostly fled the community, have been captured.

On Wednesday morning members of the Jamaica Defense Force carried out an operation in search of ‘Prekeh Boy’ and his gang. The operation led the soldiers to a section of Amith community known as Goodwill, where they came under heavy gunfire from the ruthless gunman.

The gunbattle lasted for some time, but ended with ‘Prekeh Boy’ being shot and killed, and an M16 assault rifle fitted with a magazine containing several rounds of ammunition, taken from him.

Delano ‘Prekeh Boy’ Wilmot, has been on top of the country’s most-wanted list since 2018, but was placed on St James most wanted list since 2016. During his reign of terror and mayhem in and around the Cambridge Police Division, “Prekeh Boy”, shared the spotlight with two other of St James most feared wanted men, Ryan ‘Ratty’ Peterkin and Richard ‘Cruz’ Anderson.

Wilmot was being sought for his involvement in more than a dozen murders including the recent murder of Allister Godfrey, who was killed on July 9, in the community of Catadupa.

Just over a year ago, Wilmot and his gang challenged the security forces in a shootout on an Orange Farm in Retrieve community, which resulted in one JDF soldier being shot and injured, and his crony Richard ‘Cruise’ Anderson, shot and killed.

Since then ‘Prekeh Boy’ has sent several threats via social media to members of the security forces. During 2019 ‘Prekeh Boy’ released his last video, allegedly from Cuba, and lashed out at the Jamaica security forces who he said murdered his close friend ‘Cruz’ and vowed to take revenge by killing as much police and soldiers that he could.

His threats did not materialise, as his reign of terror and ruthlessness came to an abrupt end on Wednesday morning.

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