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Heads of Security Forces Apologize to the Community of Norwood, St James

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Jamaica News, February 1, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Heads of Security Forces Apologize: Head of the joint Security forces under the State of Emergency, Superintendent Elan Powell and Colonel Pryce of the JDF gave an open apology to residents of the Norwood community in St James on Wednesday, January 31.

The apology came after the Councillor Caretaker for the area and disgruntled residents briefed them on two incidents which took place in the area earlier this week.

People’s National Party Councilor Caretaker for the Norwood Division,  Anthony (Shills) Henry and other members of the Norwood community asked the head of the security forces and the People’s National Party Chairman to address the situation, where the doors to two premises in the community were recently kicked off by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and then searched while the owners were not at home.

Security Forces Apologize: Both security leaders apologized publicly and told the Councillor Caretaker and the residents that they do not condone such behavior.

They told him to make a written report and they will then carry out an internal investigation into the happenings.

In reply, the PNP Party Chairman stated that they have shared the observation made by the Councilor Caretaker and the concerned residents; and that such a situation is one too much and one too many.  He further stated that the head of the security forces will deal with these cases when they arise and, he too employs them to file an immediate written complaint.

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