Search continues for Bunny Wailer’s missing wife Jean Watt

Abijah Asadenaki Livingston, the son of late reggae Icon Bunny Wailer, has released a documentary about his missing stepmother Jean Watt.

Watt was Wailer’s spouse for 50 years.

The docu features interviews with members of Watt’s family and Wailer’s children who have been looking for her since she went missing last year.

The family shared that Watt suffers from dementia.

Footage shows her last leaving home on May 23, 2020, wearing a black top, brown skirt and a pair of slippers.

Her family is asking the public to approach her in a friendly way should they see her in public, then reach out to them via 876-850-4403 or 876-819-7581.

A cash reward of $1m still stands for the recovery of or any valid information leading to her recovery.

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