Sean Paul Says He Is The Real Gyallis In New Music Video ‘Born Gyallis’: Watch

Dancehall veteran Sean Paul has some words of advice for these young bloods coming up in the business. The legendary Rockabye deejay says he doesn’t need money clips or hit songs to get a gyal, why? Because man a real gyallis.

The explicatory single was released 3 months ago in early December 2019, now viewers can check out the new music video, which is currently streaming on his YouTube page. The song is featured on Chimney Record’s popular Aircarft Riddim, which has sampled the likes of Aidonia with the signature track Aircraft, also Mavado’s Top Shotta Is Back, Shenseea’s Trick’a Treat, Ding Dong’s Watch Dem, Govana’s Up Front, Jahmiel’s Money Money and TeeJay’s Draco plus a couple others.

In his single Born Gyallis, Sean takes an applauding step back from the trending all-consuming vulgar lyrics tarnishing the dancehall community right now to demonstrate the true art of deejaying. While a taste of rude concepts is appreciated here and there, (afterall that is a staple of the dancehall genre), too much is just too much.

Paul has spliced through the epidermis of purity into the realm of indecencies in his music over the years as well, yet he has maintained a certain finesse about him. A song like this from the highly successful, Grammy Award Winning entertainer is simply a slap in the face to the up and comers to demonstrate ‘this is how its done’.

It seems like the greatest quest among Jamaican men is to become a gyallis, but they’ve lost track according to the Gyallis Pro and Greatest Gyallis deejay (you see, he’s been singing this tune for some time now). Well he is here to educate, in the intro of the video, he rides his bicycle up beside a cute little hottie, singing:

“ None a dem nu know yeah, seh from you a gyallis you fi make dem turn and twist, you a gyallis you nu have fi use no moneys, you a gyallis you nu use lip service”…. “Well a no rims pon whip make mi get a gyal, mi use money clip fi go get a gyal, a nu hit song weh hit make me get a gyal, true mi a keep it lit man a general. She say sick, mi say phensic panadol, I am the remedy, mi slick man a veteran, if a gyal slip den quick get a better one…”

The video continues to demonstrate the no frills message of the track, as he rides around on his bicycle while others in his entourage pop wheelies on their dirt bikes and firing up the pavement. There are girls fluttering around everywhere showing off their baddest wining skills to impress the real gyallis.

This all takes place in the parking lot of Ardenne Emirates, the home of Skydweller Ultra Lounge in Kingston, where some of the other scenes where shot. They then take the party on the road, bordering off areas on Constant Spring Road while Paul delivers his imparting rhymes.

Check out the visuals below for the Born Gyallis music video –


Source: Dancehallmag

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