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Scientist Protest Globally Against Political Attack

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Cities across the world are in awe of an orchestrated scientist protest, against political powers who are on a mission to not only discredit their years of research and case studies, but also put an indictment on proven scientific facts.

Earth Day is a global affair that spreads awareness about the environment and new ways one can help keep the earth. The scientist protest, which is the first ever protest of this kind, is a rather drastic measure taken by scientists across the world, who believe political powers are rubbishing known facts.

The event’s promoters said the march in the US capital was not aimed against politics, while adding that political administration had “catalysed” the movement.

President Donald Trump, has previously made scathing remarks, calling climate change a hoax and his views have raised concerns among the scientific community, that the public are beginning to doubt the facts provided as scientific evidence.

Organizers of the March for Science Vienna, in Austria, said on the group’s Facebook page, the scientist protest was encouraging people to turn out to join a movement that began shortly after Mr. Trump entered the White House.

In London, scientists and science enthusiasts marched from the Science Museum to Parliament Square.

Many are protesting against what they see as the “alarming trend,” among politicians for discrediting their research.

The aim of the March for Science is to bring scientists and their research closer to the general public, so everyone gets a clear understanding of what is causing climate change, global warming (which is not a myth) and changes in human function and development as it relates to the environment.

Organizers have a view that it can be challenging for scientists to communicate with the public, and are even encouraging scientists to become politicians so that their voices can be effectively heard.

Many are saying it is a good angle to examine, but others declared that such ambition to join politics, while being a scientist will further discredit their research as they will become a part of an organized system


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