Scholarships for Students Wishing to Pursue Studies in Agriculture

Jamaica News: Students wishing to pursue studies in Agriculture at high schools, colleges and vocational institutions may apply for one of the many scholarships in this area, donated by the Jamaica 4-H Club.

The students  must reside or attend school in St. Ann, Manchester and St. Catherine. They may apply for the Rio Tinto scholarship using application forms available at eligible institutions in the parishes or through the Jamaica 4-H offices in the parishes. Applications for the 2018/2019 academic year close mid-August.

“We currently operate the Rio Tinto (Alcan Legacy) Fund where we provide scholarships to students in these parishes, because these are the parishes in which Alcan (Bauxite Company) conducted operations in the past,” Director of Field Services, Jamaica 4-H Club, Garfield Ewart, told JIS NEWS.

“What they are doing is to help residents of those parishes have alternative means of income outside of bauxite mining,”  he said.

Since 2015, the 4-H Club has awarded over 300 such scholarships. During the 2017- 2018 academic year, a total of 147 awards were granted to students in the value of $8.8 million.

“A lot of people are not aware that through the 4-H Club you have the opportunity to study at a tertiary agricultural institution,” noted Public Relations and Marketing Manager at the Jamaica 4-H Club, Karelle McCormack.

She told JIS News that scholarships from the organisation can be accessed through the Youth in Agriculture programme, as well as other specialized entrepreneurship training schemes.

Under the Jamaica 4-H Club’s scholarship programme, grants are awarded in three main categories – Youth in Agriculture, Youth in Farming and Youth in Agricultural Education.

Scholarships are also given in partnership with other institutions, such as the Hanover Charity, a non-profit organization which provides scholarships for students attending agricultural institutions, including Knockalva and the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE).

“As part of our Youth in Farming initiative, the Jamaica 4-H Club also provides training in entrepreneurship for youngsters across the island. After successful completion of the entrepreneurship training, the beneficiaries are provided with the necessary support to start their own farming enterprise,” Mr. Ewart told JIS News.

The value of the scholarships depends on the institution, and covers tuition fees and related expenses. Students need to get a recommendation from the school and must ensure that their institution is aware of the application.


Source: JIS News

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