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Saudi businessman Muhammad Al-Qahtani dies mid-speech in shocking video

Saudi businessman Muhammad Al-Qahtani

Saudi businessman Muhammad Al-Qahtani


Shocking video has captured the moment a businessman collapsed and died while giving a speech at a conference in Egypt.

Muhammad Al-Qahtani, a Saudi businessman reportedly residing in the United Arab Emirates, was giving a speech at the speaking at the Arab-African Conference in Cairo on Monday when he appeared to lose consciousness and fall over backward.

Al-Qahtani was chairman of the board of Al-Salam Holding Company and reportedly held a number of honorary positions as a goodwill ambassador.

Saudi businessman Muhammad Al-Qahtani collapsed and later died while giving a speech in Cairo.
Twitter / @DrEsamBaraka
Muhammad Al-Qahtani’s cause of death has not yet been determined.
Twitter / @DrEsamBaraka
Muhammad Al-Qahtani was speaking at the Arab African conference.
Twitter / @AbdullahElshrif

He had been speaking at the event, which was held under the title “in support of the achievements of [Egyptian] President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi”, at the time he collapsed, according to Arabi21.

He had reportedly praised the President of the Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, as a “dean of humanity and a man of peace” just before he fell to the ground.

Abdullah Elshrif, an Egyptian YouTuber, wrote that Al-Qahtani died after being taken away to another room by security guards at the conference.

The event was attended by representatives of international, regional and Arab bodies and organizations, as well as a number of ambassadors and Arab personalities, Arabi21 reported.

Al-Qahtani’s cause of death was not immediately clear.




SOURCE: New york post

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