Sadam Mullings

Sadam Mullings Fingered in Multiple Murders in Hanover

Hanover, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Sadam Mullings Fingered in Multiple Murders in Hanover: The Hanover police have now reported that slain gunman Sadan Mullings, otherwise called ( Sadam) has been fingered in several murders in the parish of Hanover.

The 24-year-old deceased, who was on Hanover’s and Jamaica’s list of Most Wanted men for over several months was fatally shot when he engaged the police in a shootout in the parish of Westmoreland on Saturday morning.

Reports by the police are that about 10:45 am on Saturday, July 22nd, members of a joint police military team acting upon intelligence, carried out an operation in Lucea where a man believed to be Mullings was spotted.

The man, who was armed, managed to elude the lawmen and sped away from the area.

Intelligence led the police to the beach front in White House,  Westmoreland, where Mullings was spotted. He then fired at the police and the fire was returned, and he was shot and killed.

Sadam Mullings, A 9mm semi-automatic pistol loaded with several live rounds and a UZI Sub Machine gun, loaded with over 20 live rounds were taken from him

The police say Sadam Mullings was second in command of the ruthless One Link Gang which operates out of Elgin Town in Lucea, where he is originally from.

They also pointed out that, he was being sought for several murders and shootings in and around Hanover including the recent murder of one Denton Barwise in Green Island, and the double murder of a bus operator and his wife in Lucea some months ago.

Mullings was considered to be extremely dangerous. He was cornered by the police in Lucea on more than one occasion but always managed to shoot his way out.

He fled the parish and sought refuge in the parish of St Ann, but the police got information as to his whereabouts and went in search of him.

He was cornered at premises in St Ann and again managed to shoot his way out, but not before he tossed several bombs at the team of lawmen.

Mullings is the second high-profile gang leader from the parish of Hanover to be fatally shot in the past three weeks.

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