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Rygin King Drops New Music Video For ‘Ruption’: Watch

Rygin King - Ruption (Official Music Video)

Dancehall sensation Rygin King dropped a new video yesterday for his single Ruption on his Youtube Channel Rygin King Official.

The video opens on a scene with people engaging in Jamaican pastime activities and saying the artiste (Rygin King) has no hits and his new song Ruption, which was first released in January this year, is trash.

Rygin King’s fans would beg to differ. So far, the video has accumulated over 83k views on YouTube since its release, a sure sign fans had been waiting tirelessly for the video to drop. The Tuff singer’s Instagram page was lit up by fire emoticons upon the release as positive comments rolled in from fans who watched the video.

The video’s opening scene acts as a build-up to the opening lyrics and overall message of the song.

“Badmind deh yah nuff, dem a pree mi hard,” King sings.

The artiste enters the scene and immediately starts receiving praises from the same individuals who moments before were trolling him. Rygin King sends a message via the lyrics of the song to the badmind people watching him “Di scope deh pon mi 15, so mi see dem far,” indicating that he sees them too and he is on his guard.

Video producer Dario Magix did a pretty good job with video as the storyline of the video flows almost seamlessly with the lyrics of the song. Given the limited time of a music video, the story was well developed and carried the artist’s message well.

The roles were also well assigned according to one fan on Instagram who commented: @chilandomusic u neva play a beta roll. same so u fight against ppl inna real life #TrueColors. The quality of the video shows that a lot of work went into the production of the project.

Watch Ruption below by Rygin King.


Source: Dancehallmag

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