Trump: End birthright citizenship for some US-born babies

Russia meddling to help Trump win re-election, US lawmakers hear

US intelligence agencies have warned that Russia is attempting to help President Donald Trump get re-elected in November, US media report.

The comments were said to have come in a closed-door briefing to the House Intelligence Committee on 13 February.

Mr Trump sacked his acting intelligence chief, Joseph Maguire, a week later.

Reacting to the reports, President Trump said they were “another misinformation campaign” – and “hoax” launched by his Democratic opponents.

The New York Times reported that Mr Trump was particularly angry that Adam Schiff, the Democrat who led the impeachment proceedings against him, was at the briefing.

During the House intelligence briefing, Mr Trump’s supporters argued that the president had taken a hard stance with Russia, and that European ties and security had been strengthened as a result, the newspaper added.

Mr Schiff later tweeted that if Mr Trump was in any way “interfering” with the sharing of information between US intelligence agencies and Congress regarding foreign interference in the election process, the president was “jeopardising” attempts to stop it.

Contributed by HE Prof Colin O Jarrett

Director of News and Current Affairs


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