Runkus, Jesse Royal, Royal Blu, Kabaka Pyramid & Munga Honorable Team Up For Monster Collab ‘5Gs’: Watch

Jamaica News: A monster collab like no other featuring a Rastafarian teaming of Reggae artistes Runkus, Jesse Royal, Royal Blu, Kabaka Pyramid, and Munga Honorable was released today. Just call them the 5Gs as the title of their new song denotes and take in their revolutionized Rasta-Reggae movement along with the music video that launched on YouTube earlier.

With creatives, Robert Harriot who shot the video and Mykal Cushnie and Laty Kim Gordon who directed and choreographed the visuals, we find the 5Gs dispersed in several locales in the surroundings of Kingston City, Jamaica.

The single assaults the conspiracies that have been raised since and during the coronavirus pandemic. Also holding the government responsible while exposing them for their lies and failures.

Runkus kicks off the intro for the track, “Check uno self before uno wreck uno self,” he sings standing in the ‘battlefield,’ i.e. a parched looking outback under vintage and black & white hues.

The scenes quickly zoom out to capture the city home’s rooftops to focus on Jesse, who fires up the next segment. “It might cost my life, but mi na stop till dem pay the price / till the people dem get by,” he choruses as he calls out the inadequacies of the ‘designer-suit wearing, heads of government’.

Royal Blu then comes in to get deeper into their assertions, “Dem say a scientist and some a say a 5G, dem say a population control and the cure a vaccine/ Alright den, arms length den another arms length / Way before a cough, politician in a mask well, biological warhead, I wouldn’t put it past dem, all mi know say is Lysol couldn’t wipe all a dem lies off, so it might cost my life,” he sings.

Kabaka verses his resilience to the current corruption, so to speak, while affirming a protection that only he and his Rastafarian brothers have, saying “Nuff a dem nu know Selassie is the almighty with the power of the trinity residing inside a we.”

Then Munga with his usual philosophical twitch, riddles his high-powered lyrical delivery, “In the midst of this pollution there is one solution, the only resolution is a revolution. Constitution of the youths dem in a destitution, educational institution only a teaching prostitution…” he warbles on further – Listen to the full track and check out 5G’s new music video here –

Runkus x Jesse Royal x Royal Blu x Kabaka Pyramid x Munga Honorable - 5Gs - Official Video

5G’s production is courtesy of Runkus Music and Smartkid Records along with Mykal Cushnie and LatyKim Gordon. Drone shots by Meeksie Thomas (Sky Beyond Society) and edited by Tim Foresta.

The single was mixed and mastered by Romario “Runkus” Bennett.


Source: Dancehallmag

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Feeding Programme – Le Antonio’s Foundation

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