Romeich Shares Shenseea’s Story To Dancehall Stardom

Top Dancehall producer, artiste manager, promoter, and entrepreneur Romeich has shared a touching story of how Shenseea, dancehall’s princess, carved her path to success and stardom.

In an Instagram interview with popular Marketing and Communications Specialist, Ibrahim Konteh held last Saturday night (May 03) under the theme “Rules of Success” Romeich did not hold back and was completely candid about his admiration for his global star, Shenseea.

“Yow, me see all a mi artiste them as a product. So, it’s like you ago look and see how the product them can sell. Shenseea thing was easy. As a promo girl she was the most hardworking girl I have ever seen. Just have a Picney (child) and come work fi me. Her child is two months old and she ready fi work again and this girl work Friday- Saturday for Romeich Entertainment…,” Romeich recounted.

Borne straight out of dedication, Romeich says the Blessed hitmaker was undoubtedly positioned for excellence and to become a force to be reckoned with in the music and entertainment industry.

“I remember the first Dream Weekend she do, everyone a the gal dem get up and gone ah dem yaad and a she one deh deh a wuk until the party done, right. And if me have fifteen bottle service girl, she sell more than the other fourteen add up and sell til all moet that a Jarette dem hafii look to we and carry a bonus because she sold the most liquor. Breadda, dem sumpn deh show from longtime she she work hard,” he added.

Fueled by self-determination and a genuine love for music and songwriting, Shenseea continuously pushed herself for recognition and to become the next big thing.

“Hear wah the next thing now, me out her ina studio because it was a whatsapp sumn that was going around with her singing and me a seh, she sing alright, she nuh sound bad. And then couple days after me see a broadcast put out where she a DJ wah freestyle and me she yow, dah gyal ya bad eno. But yuh know a work and yuh hold it yuh nah go jumpy jumpy,” he said.

“Me put her in the studio and say ride to da riddim yah. At the time she just started writing, so write sumpn and she gwan and she dweet and me lauf. Mi seh yuh haffi go get some training, yuh nuh ready fid dis…… Bredda, me nuh tell this girl come back no time at all, me just tell her fix up her thing and come back. She leave 4’o clock the evening and by 8’o clock she deh ina the sudio with the engineer and me never know she take him number or nth. Me come a work and see the song ready and done, when me go and listen the song, this was jiggle jiggle jiggle,” he added.

Seeking the approval of other established music veterans, Romeich, who also now manages Ding Dong and TeeJay, embarked on a two-day quest sharing the great potential of an unheard star.

“And me just say me soon come back and me go out a door a dead wid laugh and me say yes, yes and me just give her (Shenseea) a money and she gwan home me will talk to you. I called Konshens the day, Taurus Riley, DJ Frass ….. about thirty people me go to fi the next two day and she how this sound, and dem a she yeah man,” he said with satisfaction.

With Shenseea’s recent visit to her old home to showcase her rags-to-riches story, the producer-singer duo may be laying the ground work to unleash something big on the industry.  There’s already rumors of mega-collabs with American rappers Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill.


Source: Dancehallmag

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