Romeich Drops Star Studded ‘We Rise’ Video Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

True Display of Love, United in Adversity by Romeich, TeeJay, Kash, Shenseea, Konshens, Kemar Highcon, Ding Dong, Tarrus Riley.

Many persons around the world, across all social, religious, cultural and industrial designations have all experienced loss of employment, businesses and resources as a result of this historical world-wide crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like most other countries Jamaica has been exposed to the deadly virus, and its people too have suffered loss of life, and livelihood. Yet in the midst of adversity, more and more people are showing that our survival resides in unity.

‘United in adversity’, sums up the international disposition of all peoples of the world, determined to flatten the curve, and survive the war against this outbreak. Since the newness of the crisis have dissipated, more and more we are seeing different groups from different industries, sectors and affiliations, extending their philanthropic hand. So, it came as no surprise when big-hearted Romeich (aka Mr. Love-give) and the team at Romeich Entertainment, on May 18, 2020, released the ‘We Rise’ song and video’.

Reminiscent of ‘We Are the World’ from the 1980’s and more recently ‘We Are’ by NotNice, this track provides hope to all those suffering from the major catastrophes that have occurred worldwide in 2019-2020.

The video presents the studio performance of the ‘We Rise’ song enveloped by scenes of real love by the Romeich Entertainment team, through the giving of gifts and care bags to those in need.

Romeich, owner of Romeich Enetertianment intros the video by saying “In this time of pain and sufferation, I have been going around, along with the team helping …over 700 families so far, and continuing…still working and still striving.”

The imagery shows live shots of acts of kindness and performance by several popular recording artiste (some of whom are signed to Romeich Entertainment), namely TeeJay, Kash, Shenseea, Konshens, Kemar Highcon, Ding Dong, Tarrus Riley.

Opened by the talented Konshens, the lyrical value is noted in words of encouragement – “So much sacrifice, lets just do what’s right, think about the future, lets help save our lives, we’re in this together, let us all unite, together we fight, lets just live not die”. This message is reverberated throughout the song, with each artiste adding their flow and unique sound to the ‘united rise to survival’ themed song.

“.. The whole world – be strong, because we all will rise again…’ The message of strength is put forward for the moment when we all will rise from the lows. We all need to believe that we will get our chance to rise, shine and spread love to the world.

Works of this nature and positive message will no doubt attract corporate Jamaica, including government, as home and work families seek to foster positive mental states of being in each other.


Source: Dancehallmag

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