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Rockefeller, oldest richest man in the world is dead at 101!

World News (McN) – After what was said to be his six heart transplant, grandson of the “Standard Oil Company” co-founder; billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller has died at the age 101.

It is confirmed by the New York Post that the centurian, and former CEO of Chase National Bank died in his sleep as a result of congestive heart failure on Monday.

Mr Rockefeller died at his New York home yesterday.

The name Rockefeller which is regarded as the royal family of the US, has been linked to many areas such finance, politics, power, wealth and also conspiracy theories such as aliens.

It is said the Rockefeller established the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission to influence the world for personal gain.

We do know that he, may very well be the only man to this day to have six successive heart transplant while being a centurion.

David is the last oil mogul heir in the family’s third generation. He outlived his son Richard, a 65- year-old physician who died in a 2014 plane crash in Westchester New York, during his flight home from his father’s 99th birthday. He was the pilot of the single engine flight.

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