Robbers Shot after Being Disarmed

Two men are now nursing gunshot wounds after they were relieved of their weapon and shot several times by a man they abducted and robbed Saturday afternoon along Nicks Avenue in Acadia, Kingston 8.

It is being reported that the man, a merchandiser, was in the company of two females, at about 2:pm, when they were attacked by assailants travelling in separate vehicles—a Nissan AD Wagon and a Mazda Demio.

They were first robbed and then forced into the back of one of the cars being driven by them. One woman was left behind after she was relieved of her gold chain and phone.

While in the car a tussle ensued after demands were made of the man to turn over his valuables. The man managed to disarm one of the attackers and shot both men. The vehicle then crashed into a utility pole along the Swallowfield road and both the man and woman fled the scene.

They were later assisted by the police.

The assailants were later accosted by the police. One of the men was picked up at the crash scene and the other in a bathtub at a property on Swallowfield Road.

The suspects are ages 26 and 19  and are from Bread Lane Kingston and Spanish Town addresses.

Two Smith and Wesson .38 revolvers, one loaded with five cartridges and the other containing a live round and four spent casing, were seized.

The police are still probing the matter.

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