Jamaica Entertainment  News: Rihanna queen of popmakeuplingerie, and Catholicism-inspired fashion, pops up pretty much wherever the latest action is. One place she won’t be, however, is the royal wedding—which, as you might of heard, is happening this coming Saturday, May 19.

The invite list to the royal wedding is kept to an intimate 600 people, not including the 2,640 normals (such as myself, in a better world) who will be spectacle-ing on the grounds of Windsor Castle. That’s fine and all, but when you’re an institution as extensive as the British monarchy and surrounding aristocracy, those seats get filled up pretty quickly.

Apparently, Rihanna is clued into this, and, humbly, didn’t really think she’d be invited. Sure, Rihanna and Prince Harry might have met in 2016 at a Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission event, but Rihanna didn’t think that alone warranted an invite to the royal wedding.

Prince Harry Visits The Caribbean – Day 11

Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry Visits The Caribbean – Day 11

Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Fast-forward to 2018, and a reporter asked her if she was going to the big bash. Apparently, Rihanna is too busy being fabulous—and also literally busy!—to know the royal wedding is coming up: “So is it really coming up? Like, soon or something?” she said.

“Yeah, in a week,” the reporter replied.

“Oh shoot!” she responded. “See, I need to stay on the Internet more.”

The reporter then promptly asked, “So you weren’t invited?”

She, being humble, was like, “Why would you even think I’m invited?”

The reporter might or might not have been caught off-guard and responded, “I don’t know. You met [Prince Harry].”

And then, Rihanna said jokingly, “OK, you met me. You think you’re coming to my wedding?”

The reporter then said, “Maybe!” and Rihanna asks if she’s invited to hers. “I mean, you’ll get the invite,” she responds.

“Oh, girl,” Rihanna replied, before flipping her gorgeous hair.

Krystin Arneson,Glamour