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Rick Ross shares video whining to Demarco’s “I Love My Life”


American rapper Rick Ross has tapped further into his “Jamaican-ness” after posting a video dancing to Demarco’s I Love My Life on Instagram.

Ross started his 46th birthday celebrations early vibing to the Dancehall classic while sporting a big fur coat and alcohol in his hand.

A hype man in the background can be heard saying “let me see you whine pon yuh birthday Rasta”

It was only a couple weeks ago that he posted clips using Valiant’s “rich ah lie?!” Phrase.

He should also be coming to Jamaica this April over the Easter holidays.

Afterwards, he posted a bottle of Belaire Champagne and said, “Di good champagne dem, ah lie? Jets, ah lie? Jewels, ah lie? RICH, ah lie?!”

The rapper finished off the clips by revealing to locals that he will be on the island soon.

“Jamaica, di boss soon fawud! Yuh zeet? Mi soon fawud. Mi goan bring mi yute dem fi come perform live,” he said, before one of his cronies began singing in the background.

Rick Ross’ recognition of Valiant is only a drop in the bucket for the line of success he has seen since his claim to fame in October last year.  His tracks Dunce Cheque, C.A.L., Siance, North Carolina and St. Mary have all seen healthy figures on YouTube.

He has also been a part of major bookings for well attended shows like Sting.
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