Richie Stephens - Godfrey Stewart High School

Richie Stephens Helps Godfrey Stewart High School in Sav

Jamaica News, February 20, 2018

Toronto, Canada (Mckoy’s News) – Godfrey Stewart High School: Last August, Lena Johnson from Toronto, Canada and two other past students from New York visited their Alma Mata, Godfrey Stewart High School in Sav La Mar, Jamaica to see how things were going at the institution. What they saw left them heartbroken.

“It was heartbreaking to see the condition facing students at the school that I have loved an adored so much,” Johnson said.

“The bathrooms were for the most part unusable, the roof was falling apart, some pipes did not work and the toilets needed to be replaced. The two bathrooms were literally crumbling around the students – and the situation continues to get worse. I came back to Canada with one mission…to find a way to help” she said.

Within weeks after returning to Toronto, Johnson called up a few of her friends and they quickly registered the Godfrey Stewart High School Alumni Association International Canada with the Alliance Jamaica Alumni Association Canada. The very first project they have undertaken is to put together a post-Valentine’s fundraiser (dinner, show & dance) that is slated for the Westmount Event Centre in Toronto this Saturday, February 24 with singer Richie Stephens and Cardavid Collin Levy. The goal is to raise US$5,000 to construct new male and female washrooms for students.

Richie Stephens - Godfrey Stewart High School
Jamaican Singer and Producer – Richie Stephens

“I had heard from a friend that Richie is a past student of Godfrey Stewart. When I reached out to him he came on board without hesitation. He is 100% committed to assisting the project. Chardavid Negus and Owen Knibbs are also on board as well and are volunteering their time to the project. I have reached out to others to assist as well. We have a lot of work to do to raise the necessary funds. I am committed to the cause and will do what I can to make it happen” Johnson said.

Stephens, who had a banner year in 2017 picking up three ASCAP awards for co-producing Rhianna’s international hit song, “Work,” said he is on board for the long haul.

“Godfrey Stewart is a great institution that needs some help right now. When Lena reached out to me I told her I am willing to do what I can to assist the institution” Stephens stated.

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