Richard Reid Murdered in Old Pen, Hanover

The Sandy Bay and Lucea police have now launched an investigation into the death of a man, who was shot and killed by gunmen in the community of Old Pen in Hanover, on Saturday afternoon of July 21st.
The deceased has been identified as Richard Rohan Reid,  otherwise call  ” Bona ” 23-year-old,  unemployed also of Old Pen.
Reports by the  Police are that on Saturday morning, a group of men from Old Pen community, got involved in an argument with other men from a neighboring community,  allegedly over a motorcycle.
Further reports are that the men left the area, and about 4:00 pm that afternoon, they returned to the area armed with handguns.  The armed men walked around in the Old Pen square in search of the men with whom they had the altercation earlier.
They saw Reid who was standing along the roadway and opens fire hitting him multiple times to his upper body.  The gunmen then made their escape on two motorcycles.
The Sand Bay and Lucea police were summoned, and upon arrival, the lawmen chased the gunmen to a section of the area known as Cocoon Bush,  where they came under heavy gunfire.
The police took evasive actions and returned the fire, but the gunmen managed to escape into nearby bushes. The scene was processed and Reid’s body was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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