Richard Curry, Elected New Colonel of the Accompong Town Maroons

Colonel, Ferron Williams, who served as a maroon leader in Accompong Town, for the past eleven years, failed in his bid to retain the leadership of the Accompong Town maroons, after being defeated by his arch-rival, Richard Curry, by over 281 votes, at Thursday’s maroon election, held at nine polling divisions across four parishes of the island.

Ferron won the last election by a marginal victory of just over 30 votes, had much more confidence on this occasion, told reporters prior to the election results that, he believes had done his work of representing the people, and that it is not a matter if he wins, but a matter of after he wins, as he will be returned to office without a glitch.

Curry on the other hand, despite being a newcomer to politics said he and his team did a lot of work, and that all they did was humbly positive.

He said they did their work in letting the maroons understand that message, and for the most part, they have now shown people that they are capable to steer the maroon vision, and create the path to driving prosperity, and economic sustainability.

Curry further stated that, “for too long now we have relied on hands that don’t really cater to us, and have not put forward, practical, applicable solution on the premise, on which you have your treaty”.

The final count saw Curry being elected maroon leader with 681 votes, while Williams who got 400 votes, conceded close to an hour earlier. The other three candidates, Meredith Rowe got 98 votes, Sheldon Wallace 30 votes, and Robert Carley with 29 votes.

The maroon election was held at nine polling division in Accompong Town, which has a total of 517 voters, White Hall division which has 350 voters, Cedar Spring 168 voters, Eldersly has 251 voters, Garlands has 274 voters, Abadeen has  393 voters, Windsor has 220 voters, Kingston has 243 voters, and Montego Bay, which has a total of 109 voters.

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