RHH Partners with McKoy’s News to Provide a Helping Hand for Caribbean Natives Through a Wider Reach

Real Helping Hands (RHH), the Caribbean first crowdfunding platform, today announced a partnership with one of Jamaica’s leading news network, McKoy’s News. With majority of the company’s audience predominantly Caribbean-based, McKoy’s News is the ideal choice to provide a wider reach to the masses through its wide range of readership/viewership from audience both locally and internationally.

This partnership will open several opportunities for the Caribbean people as McKoy’s News is a well-read news website in the Caribbean and Real Helping Hands is a crowdfunding platform geared towards Caribbean people. This therefore creates an opportunity for more people to be aware of RHH. It will also inform many persons about the opportunities that are out there to help others or to raise funds to achieve their personal goals.

Chief Executive Officer of McKoy’s News, Antonio McKoy, shared his excitement about this ‘big deal’ and is very confident that this partnership will reap future rewards through both company’s main focused areas.

 “This is one of the most interesting partnerships and McKoy’s News is pleased to be bringing this awareness which will be a tremendous help to the people that it will serve. A lot of persons are still unaware that there is a crowdfunding organization here in the Caribbean for them to set up their small businesses and with the current situation of businesses closing left, right and center, I think this is really a value point;” McKoy’s News CEO stated while booming with great excitement.

In that same breath, Mr. McKoy encouraged persons and small entrepreneurs to reach out and exploit the opportunities that Real Helping Hands has to offer.

 “Also, with non-profit organization struggling because there is not much funding out there, this is an opportunity for those organizations or individuals to capitalize on Real Helping Hands. This is a really big deal and Mckoy’s News is going to be doing a lot of highlights of the different needs of persons on the Real Helping Hands website;” McKoy expressed.

In the midst of all crises, there is always a solution and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic that’s still wreaking havoc in people’s lives globally, Real Helping Hands Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Sadikie Williams, sought to alleviate the burden it places on persons predominantly in the Caribbean.

“The economic and social upheaval during the pandemic has driven an extraordinary amount of need and generosity in our Caribbean community and our diaspora. Partnering with McKoy’s News will provide RHH with a medium to reach the masses and to raise awareness of what benefits exist in using realhelpinghands.com to raise funds;” said Williams.

 “McKoy’s News will significantly broaden the reach of our platform to both donors and campaigners/fundraiser… [while simultaneously] contributing greatly to us building our distribution channel by adding to our marketing funnel;” the RHH CEO further added.

Both leaders are optimistic about the prospect of this merger and promised their customers a successful future.

“In a recent meeting with Antonio McKoy, he outlined a lot of plans for realhelpinghands.com as he heads a number of charitable organizations and programs for inner-city residence, mainly youths. We at RHH are ecstatic of the opportunities and possibilities that arise from this partnership;” expressed Williams.

 “…Clients should expect regular posts from McKoy’s News, highlighting selected campaigns on realhelpinghands.com, RHH’s articles, blogs and news, featured background stories of some fundraisers, [as well as] promotions and giveaways to our readers;” Mr. Williams highlighted.

While in agreement, Antonio McKoy also underscored not only the great benefits that this deal will garner for RHH but also the impact it will make on his news company.

“Definitely, this partnership will also help Mckoy’s News because we’ll be publishing a lot of articles about Real Helping Hands to get our readers aware, therefore, the information will travel to a wider audience. Once persons know that there is a news outlet they can access to learn more about RHH, I believe this partnership will also improve our reach and readership so it’s a win-win situation for both parties;” Antonio McKoy concluded.


About Real Helping Hands

Real Helping Hands LLC was created as a FinTech solutions provider, to become the epicenter for fundraising online in the Caribbean, primarily to facilitate the access to capital funding for local and regional businesses. However, the potential for diverse fundraising opportunities is limitless as the platform supports campaign funding for medical expenses, education, special projects and much more.

Founded by Caribbean-born Sadikie Williams in June 2020, Real Helping Hands LLC (RHH) was officially launched in November 2020. Sadikie, who has worked in the FinTech industry for more than a decade with major organizations such as OnDeck, Fiserv, Firstdata and e-Trade, mostly focused on front-end and full-stack development, wanted to bring the concept to life of “real people helping people;” and so far he has been able to achieve this success through his company Real Helping Hands.


About McKoy’s News

McKoy’s News is a Jamaican news website situated on the Western end of the island in Montego Bay. This news outlet produces online news contents of various categories (business, politics, entertainment etc.), to a wide audience in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the international diaspora,   (in which the USA is currently ranked the second largest audience in terms of readership/viewership).

Mckoy’s News is always community-driven, despite producing national news and possessing a wide readership from across the globe, the company always focuses on building community. McKoy’s News was founded in 2017 by the company’s CEO, Antonio McKoy.


Natasha Williams- McKoy’s News Senior Writer

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