News Crime Investigator Henry Bucknor

A Postman who is now retired  lost his life on Friday afternoon, April 22 when he fell from the roof of a church and was crushed on the pavement.

Dead is Richard Slowly, 65-year-old of a Retirement address in St James.

It is reported that about 3:00 pm on Friday Slowly who is a member of the Christian Holiness Church located at Westgreen in Montego Bay was among a group of members who were carrying out some repair work on the roof.

It is further reported that Slowly lost his balance and fell to the pavement which is some 20 feet below.

He was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Slowly who is now a retired Postman after being employed to the Number One and Number Two Post Offices in Montego Bay for many year, was named Jamaica’s Most Honest Citizen several years ago after he reportedly stumbled upon a package containing over Three
Million Dollars and turned it over to its rightful owners.

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