Cops Find Gun, Kill Man in Kingston

Restaurant Owner Battered by Cop for Refusing to Meet the Closing Time under “SOE”

Latest Jamaica News, St Catherine (McKoy’s News): Restaurant Owner Battered by Cop A cook-shop operator from Lluidas Vale in St Catherine has suffered several bruises and is booked to appear in court, after an altercation with a police constable attached to Shady Grove Police Station in Lluidas Vale District.

Orville Lyle, also known as Fisher Blue, alleged that the constable used a baton to beat him all over the body while assaulting a cop, after being told to close his business as he missed the 11p.m. closing time stipulated for businesses under the State of Emergency (SOE) in St Catherine.

The police charged Lyle with resisting arrest, and he is booked to appear in court next month.

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