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Residents Say Police Allegedly Raided the Wrong House and Killed Man Pleading

Residents Say Police Allegedly Raided the Wrong House and Killed Man Pleading

Watham Park, Kingston (McN) – Residents of Watham Park Road are demanding answers today, as they mourn the shooting death of a young farmer within the community by police on Monday morning.

The deceased has been identified as Kingston farmer, 29-year-old Andre Denton of Waltham Park Road. Residents went to his home after hearing gunshots in the vicinity of his house and saw police inside his house – later taking out his bullet riddled body.

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is investigating the shooting incident which left Denton fatally shot by members of the police force, at his Metcalfe Road, Waltham Park address.

Reports are that at about 6:00 am residents of the closely knitted inner-city community heard gunshots in the Waltham Park Road vicinity and rushed to Metcalf Road, off Waltham Park Road to investigate. There they saw police gathered at Denton’s home.

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Minutes later the residents report that they allegedly saw police carrying out the body of Denton.

Efforts by Mckoy’s News investigative reporter to get details from the police regarding the fatal shooting have been unsuccessful.

One news source reports the residents as saying:

“The youth in a house a beg for him life even after the police ask him name and him tell them. Them ask for another person him say him no name so and then just start shoot him even after him a pleas for him life,” said one resident.

“When them shot him one a them bawl out and say a wrong man,” said another resident, who took to the street to protest.

Residents are calling this cold blooded killing. Police have neither confirmed nor denied the reports of the community residents.

INDECOM has begun an immediate investigation.

We will keep you posted as information reaches our news room.

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