Residents say JPS copper cable thief deserving of electric shock

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There appears to be hardly any sympathy by Jamaicans following the electrocution of a thief at the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) Old Harbour Power Station in St. Catherine.

According to the JPS, between late Sunday night and early Monday morning, the man gained illegal access to the premises of the power station, where he attempted to remove copper cables.

The man also reportedly cut an energised high voltage wire, which resulted in a fire at the station.

The fire was extinguished by the Old Harbour Fire Department, after which the burnt body of the man was discovered.

The JPS says it is reminding persons about the dangers of tampering with its equipment and has also  appealed to the citizens to stop infringing on and carrying out illegal activities on the electricity network.

But after the story was carried on the Gleaner’s social media pages, many readers had a good laugh at the man’s expense.

Some persons like Memorie Henry, said outright that he deserved the fate that he got.

“So him teef off all de copper from Flow and Digicel so him tun pon jps now. Serves him right,” she said, while Camiel Francis noted: “Serve him right, people like these I don’t feel sorry for. When them go around and thief these things JPS pad up our light bill.”

Marva Glanville, for her part, said whilst the man’s demise was no laughing matter, she too had no sympathy for him.

“I know it’s not something to gloat about but some of us is too theif mon give away his life don’t sorry for him,” she said, while Nella Blanch did the opposite quipping” Guess he got the shock of his life.”

Pauline Moore found the incident hilarious, and like Jada Baxter, wished the same fate on other thieves.

“Him pick up a copper inna him kakka…. The people who thief light offa jps post when rain a fall next. Fyahhhh, lightening and tundahhhh!!”

“I hope a lot more get caught like this. This is a blessing kids need to do online work and there is no internet… Thank you Jesus same suh they steal the cable from linstead to bogwalk no wifi,” Baxter said.

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