Residents Protest over Police Fatal Shooting of Businessman in Negril, Westmoreland

Family and friends of a popular young businessman who was fatally shot by the police in Red Ground, Negril in Westmoreland, on Monday evening, July 17, staged a March and protest over the young man’s death, on Friday morning, September 1.

The young businessman, 20-year-old Shane Grandison, was shot and killed while travelling in a motor vehicle with the other victim, identified as 40-year-old Richard Mosley, both of Red Ground.

Shane’s mother, Ingrid Grandison, spoke out at the entrance to the Negril Police Station where the protest was held, and told reporters that an autopsy was just carried out on her son’s body, and it shows that he was shot multiple times to his face, head and upper body.

She lashed out that she wants justice for her son’s death, and also that she believes his death was deleberate, and that it was not a mistake.

Reports by the Negril police are that about 6:50pm, they received information that armed men were travelling in a White Toyota Fielder motor car.

The lawmen say they went in search of the vehicle, and they later intercepted a motor vehicle fitting the description in the Red Ground community.

It is further reported that one man alighted from the vehicle and opened fire at the police, before escaping in nearby bushes, and the fire was returned, resulting in Grandison and Mosely being fatally shot and an illegal firearm recovered from the scene.

Residents in the community protested over the death of the men , who they say were killed in cold blood by the police.

The grieving mother said INDECOM visited the scene and received various reports from eyewitnesses that her son was killed in cold blood.

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