Residents Of Hanover Attend Session On Good Parenting

Jamaica News: Scores of residents in Hanover were exposed to the virtues of good parenting and partnership at a recent public lecture in the parish.

The event, held at the Bioprist in Lucea on Tuesday, November 19, was organised by the Lucea United Church Family Life Ministries, in celebration of National Parent Month 2019 (November), under the theme ‘Be the Positive Influence: Saving the Youth of Your Community’.

The audience, which included parents, principals, teachers, students and others, was lectured on how to become better role models and mentors for their children as well as how to be supportive of each other in the home.

Social Anthropologist at the University of the West Indies, Dr. Herbert Gayle, who delivered the keynote address, said there are benefits in domestic partnerships, as they create greater wealth and stability in the family.

“Currently, only 18 per cent of families have partnerships between mothers and fathers [in Jamaica]. Once that moves up into the 20s, 30s and 40s, you are going to see far more stable families, [and] stable families are going to produce stable children who are going to produce a stable society,” he explained.

Dr. Gayle, who specialises in social violence, also noted that creating harmony within the homes further leads to fewer gangs and criminal organisations.

“Gang violence is what we see on the surface, but what’s creating it? It’s the lots of mayhem in our homes, communities and school, but once you get people to begin to see that they need each other, that’s a massive difference,” he said.

“So, it’s not the military or policing stuff, its working with the family and making sure people wake up feeling safe. Once you get up and you feel that there is a sense of tomorrow, you are not going to harm others,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Lucea United Church Family Life Ministries, Tova-Malka Trench Anderson, told JIS News that the church body is committed to assisting individuals to develop and improve their family lifestyle.

She indicated that creating a platform that supports this objective is crucial to positively transform lives and communities.

“Therefore, it is vital that they (adults) are positive role models and mentors, not just for their children but for all children,” Mrs. Trench Anderson said.

“We also want to emphasise the urgent need to protect our children and encourage all adults to support parents in their role, and be partners in the raising of our children,” she added.


Source: JIS News

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